Slow Change

We have moved forward through an international crisis, and we're finally preparing to take our next big step.

Above: Clinton stands in a socially distanced line outside the UPS store and later places the pan in his hand on a scale as he prepares to ship it to Australia.

Seven months into 2020, we are finally returning to West Virginia. Between this year’s beginning and now, two pans have shipped internationally, and one person who lives in the Atlanta, GA, area claimed their order.

Meanwhile, many of you remain in a state of holding. Either you are anxiously anticipating the arrival of your long-awaited instrument, or you are among those who need a refund now more than ever. In either case, I feel you.

If you have been in touch with me, you know that I am still on the slow path of securing steady employment and possible aid so that I can finance your refunds myself and avoid filing for bankruptcy. With no assets to liquidate, bankruptcy would mean that your loss would likely remain just that, a loss. It’s my priority to avoid this. I want your compensation to be as just as it can be.

I am also engaged in part-time freelance work, my ongoing job search for additional anchor clients + freelance opportunities, quarantining with my children, healing from cancer and now experiencing the final stages of my mother’s accelerating dementia. I realize many of you are in similarly challenging circumstances.

While seeing evidence of slow change is not enough to make a big difference, I do hope it’s enough to make a small shift with a ripple effect. When Clinton reaches WV, more pans will be released than have been this year to date. This means that some of you will end your journey with me and that others of you will draw much closer to the end point. I will send personal updates to those who are receiving pans and/or sending steady inquiries at that time.

Before singing off, I will also publicly state that there are still 27 of you on various parts of this path to pan, as well as 13 pans in various stages of production awaiting homes. While that may seem daunting, TerraTonz has successfully completed and delivered over 400 instruments between 2011 and 2019. Having done that then, I know we can do this now. I am walking this path with you. May there be peace and music at its end.